League Tables 2018

The Owzat-Cricket Championship
1Clipstone & Bilsthorpe CC - 1st XI22326
2Notts & Arnold Amateur CC - 1st XI22303
3Welbeck CC - 1st XI22274
4Anston CC - 1st XI22271
5Cuckney CC - 2nd XI22271
6Glapwell Colliery CC - 1st XI22269
7Thoresby Colliery CC - 1st XI22261
8North Wheatley with Leverton CC - 1st XI22259
9Cavaliers and Carrington CC - 3rd XI22218
10Ordsall Bridon CC - 1st XI22187
11Worksop CC - 1st XI22168
12Blidworth Colliery Welfare CC - 1st XI22118
The South Forest leisure Division 1
1Whitwell CC, Derbyshire - 1st XI22322
2Kiveton Park Colliery CC - 1st XI22319
3Papplewick and Linby CC - 2nd XI22271
4Harthill CC - 1st XI22269
5Edwinstowe CC - 1st XI22267
6Killamarsh Juniors CC - 1st XI22252
7Lea & Roses CC - 1st XI22245
8Everton CC - 1st XI22244
9Clumber Park CC - 1st XI22243
10Grassmoor Works CC - 1st XI22234
11Welbeck CC - 2nd XI22188
12Mansfield Hosiery Mills CC - 2nd XI22102
The LWC Drinks Division 2
1Farnsfield CC - 2nd XI22365
2Bawtry CC - 1st XI22362
3Retford CC - 1st XI22354
4Mansfield CC - 1st XI22270
5Milton CC, Notts - 1st XI22268
6Waleswood Sports CC - 1st XI22246
7Anston CC - 2nd XI22229
8Notts & Arnold Amateur CC - 2nd XI22222
9Thoresby Colliery CC - 2nd XI22192
10Ordsall Bridon CC - 2nd XI22178
11Welbeck CC - 3rd XI2274
12Blidworth Colliery Welfare CC - 2nd XI2267
The Mad Dog Sports Division 3
1Blyth CC, Notts - 1st XI18258
2Killamarsh Juniors CC - 2nd XI18249
3Cuckney CC - 3rd XI18240
4Teversal CC - Saturday 1st XI18209
5North Wheatley with Leverton CC - 2nd XI18199
6Whitwell CC, Derbyshire - 2nd XI18186
7Kiveton Park Colliery CC - 2nd XI18178
8Glapwell Colliery CC - 2nd XI18174
9Wadworth CC - 1st XI18174
10Clumber Park CC - 2nd XI18158
The MKS Groundcare Ltd Division 4
1Wiseton CC - 1st XI20353
2Thoresby Park CC - 1st XI20296
3Sherwood Colliery CC - 1st XI20290
4Rockware CC - 1st XI20276
5Shirebrook CC - 1st XI20223
6Notts & Arnold Amateur CC - 3rd XI20216
7Misterton CC - 1st XI20170
8Everton CC - 2nd XI20169
9Worksop CC - 2nd XI20167
10South Normanton CC - 1st XI20119
11Milton CC, Notts - 2nd XI20101
The Kookaburra Readers Division 5
1Papplewick and Linby CC - 3rd XI20291
2Waleswood Sports CC - 2nd XI20280
3Lea & Roses CC - 2nd XI20260
4Anston CC - 3rd XI20258
5Bawtry CC - 2nd XI20243
6Clipstone & Bilsthorpe CC - 2nd XI20225
7East Drayton Sports CC - 1st XI20205
8Aston Hall CC - 3rd XI20170
9Grassmoor Works CC - 2nd XI20127
10Harthill CC - 2nd XI2089
11Mansfield Hosiery Mills CC - 3rd XI2087
The Kookaburra Readers Division 6
1Farnsfield CC - 3rd XI18288
2Teversal CC - Saturday 2nd XI18255
3Langwith CC - 1st XI18252
4Clumber Park CC - 3rd XI18189
5Woodsetts Community CC - 1st XI18178
6Todwick CC - 1st XI18168
7Thoresby Colliery CC - 3rd XI18167
8Welbeck CC - 4th XI18163
9Nomads CC (Mansfield) - 1st XI18159
10Worksop CC - 3rd XI1875
The Kookaburra Readers Division 7
1Lea & Roses CC - 3rd XI16268
2Retford CC - 2nd XI16240
3Sherwood Colliery CC - 2nd XI16221
4Blyth CC, Notts - 2nd XI16189
5Anston CC - 4th XI16162
6Killamarsh Juniors CC - 3rd XI16131
7Cuckney CC - 4th XI16129
8Mansfield CC - 2nd XI16119
9Wiseton CC - 2nd XI1659
The John J. Mallen t20: Group A
1North Wheatley with Leverton CC24
2Worksop CC22
3Cavaliers and Carrington CC20
The John J. Mallen t20: Group B
1Ordsall Bridon CC24
2Notts & Arnold Amateur CC22
3Anston CC20
The John J. Mallen t20: Group C
1Cuckney CC24
2Lea & Roses CC10
3Killamarsh Juniors CC10
The John J. Mallen t20: Group D
1Welbeck CC24
2Mansfield Hosiery Mills CC10
3Clipstone & Bilsthorpe CC10