BDUA November Meeting Minutes

Bassetlaw and District Umpires’ Association

Minutes of a Meeting

Held at Cuckney CC on Saturday 10th November 2018 at 2:30pm

Present:  33 members were present.

Apologies: G Graney, D Flowers, I Mather, P Freer, C R Martin

Minutes of previous meeting held on 10th March 2018

These had been distributed via email and were accepted as a true record by the Members.

Matters Arising:  

There were no matters arising.

Brian Rivington

In respect to Brian Rivington Immediate Past Chair of the Association Members stood for a minutes silence to mark his death. The Chair also announced that today’s raffle contribution would be given by the BDUA towards the cost of his memorial seat.

Secretary’s Report

The Secretary reported that there were several items for the Membership to note:

The treasurer reported that the Accounts as at 10th November 2018 were:

  • Deposit Account     £898.25
  • Current Account      £314.03
  • Cash in Hand          £416.51
  • Stock in Hand         £650.00

Total                     £2278.79

To date 35 members had paid their subscriptions.

Reports from Committees:

  1. Bassetlaw & District Cricket League

There had been a meeting on 9th October 2018 attended by Nigel Hall and John Leaning the main points to note being:

  • There had been a lengthy debate on the issue of balls to be used with the League deciding to stay with Reader balls for the 2019 season.
  • It was noted that the League had deducted a total of 69 points from Clubs failing to submit Umpire Assessment Forms.
  • Promotion to the NPL, Clipstone & Blidworth had not been allowed to compete in the NPL in the 2019 season and Notts and Arnold had declined the offer to join.
  • There are initial discussions with the Premier League regarding a possible NPL 2nd Division for the 2020 season.
  • In addition to details from the meeting of the 9th October the Secretary reported on AGM items that may affect umpires if the resolutions are passed:
  1. Several proposals had been put forward which could result in teas not being provided across the League.
  2. A ridiculous proposal of there only being a 15 minute break between innings.
  3. Tight Leg side wides to be removed from the Championship and Division 1.
  4.  A proposal had been submitted that 1 umpire should be appointed for every game, John leaning reported that this could never be achieved due to numbers of available umpires.

After a lengthy discussion it was agreed that the Secretary would report to the BDCL meeting on Tuesday 13th November outlining the thoughts on these AGM proposals.


Ian Rich reported that the AGM had been held on 8th November 2018 the main points to note being:

  • Simon Cooper from the South Notts League had been appointed as Chair of the Association.
  • John Hays and Eddie Foster had resigned from the Committee.
  • Brian Jones had taken up the role of Treasurer and Ann Cusworth would be coordinating the Annual Dinner the date of which is to be announced shortly and would continue as the Scorers Rep.
  • Ian Rich and Nathan Hewitt were elected to the Committee.
  • The issue of recruitment was still high on the agenda but with no clear formula for the way forward.
  • The Annual Dinner would be held on Friday 22nd March 2019 at Trent Bridge with Malcolm Nash as Speaker.

iii        Training

 Ian Rich gave a short report detailing that there would be 3 sessions covering Stage 1 on Sundays in November (11th,18th and 25th) and a further 3 in March 2019 covering Stage 2 (10th,17th and 24th).To date there are 4 candidates.

iv         Performance Committee

In the absence of Gerry Graney the Secretary reported that there had been no further meeting of the BDUA Group but the Notts ACO grading review for 2018 had been undertaken at Trent Bridge

Umpire Allocation 2018

John Leaning reported that he had sent out availability sheets to all umpires but sadly reported that to date there were 22 umpires less than at this time last year a most worrying figure.

Guest Speaker :Alan Butcher

Alan captained both Surrey and Glamorgan scoring 22,667 runs and 46 first class centuries he was Wisden Cricketer of the year in 1991 and played once for England. He went on to be cricket coach at Essex and Surrey as well as managing the Zimbabwean Test Side.

Alan gave a very entertaining talk highlighting his ups and downs in the world of cricket and his reflections of cricket in Zimbabwe all of which made for an interesting afternoon.

After the break he answered questions in a light hearted but detailed manner which was thoroughly appreciated by all present.

At the end the Membership thanked him in the customary manner.

Dates of Meetings 2018

The Secretary confirmed that the meeting dates for the winter session would be:

Saturday 8th December 2018     Ben Slater, Notts

Saturday 5th January 2019        Derek Randall Notts and England

Saturday 2nd February 2019      Neil Bainton First Class Umpire

Saturday 2nd March 2019           Chris Lewis Leicester, Notts, Surrey and England

Saturday 6th April 2019               Wayne Larkins, Northants, Durham and England

Date of next meeting:

The date of the next General Meeting will be Saturday 8th December 2018 at 2-30pm at Cuckney CC.